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Q1. Schizont stage of Plasmodium is found in
A) Erythrocyst  of liver and pancreas
B) Erythrocyte of blood and liver
C) Erythrocyte of liver and brain
D) Erythrocyte of Liver and kidney
Answer: B

Q2. Which substance of Plasmodium cause fever and chills?
A) Schuffner’s dot
B) Haematin
C) Haemozoin
D) Haemetite
Answer: C

Q3. Most of dangerous species of Plasmodium is
A) P. malariae
B) P. ovale
C) P. vivax
D) P. falciparum
Answer:  D

Q4. The causative stage of Plasmodium is
A) Merozoite
B) Sporozoite
C) Micrometacryptomerozoite
D) Trophozoites  
Answer: D

Q5. Black water fever disease is caused by
A) P. malariae
B) P. ovale
C) P. vivax
D) P. falciparum
Answer: D

Q6. Asexual cycle of Plasmodium  occurs in
A) Liver of human
B) RBC of human
C) Stomach of female anopheles mosquito
D) Both A and B
Answer: D

Q7. Sporozoite is formed from
A) Cryptomerozoite
B) Merozoites
C) Sporoblast
D) Metacryptomerozoite
Answer:  C

Q8. Sporogony in Plasmodium takes place in
A) Liver of man
B) Stomach wall of mosquito
C) RBC of man
D) Salivary gland of mosquito 
Answer: B

Q9. Alternation of generation is found in
A) Giardia
B) Plasmodium
C) Planaria
D) Earthworm 
Answer: B

Q10. Benign tertian malaria is due to
A) P. vivax
B) P. falciparum
C) P. malariae
D) P. ovale 
Answer: A

Q11. Multiple fission is shown by
A) Paramecium
B) Balantidium
C) Plasmodium
D) Sycon
Answer: C

Q12. Malignant tertian malaria is caused by
A) P. vivax
B) P. falciparum
C) P. ovale
D. P. malariae
Answer: D

Q13. Plasmodium vivax is transmitted by
A) ♂️ Culex
B) ♀️ Anopheles
C) ♂️ Anopheles
D) ♀️ Culex
Answer: B

Q14. In 1880, Plasmodium was discovered by
A) Sir Ronald Ross
B) Charles Laveran
C) Grassi
D) Gross
Answer: B

Q15. The feeding stage of Plasmodium is
A) Merozoite
B) Cryptozoite
C) Trophozoite
D) Sporozoite 
Answer: C


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