Frog MCQ for entrance exam

Frog MCQ for entrance exam, important multiple choice questions of frog , frog questions and answers, frog questions and answers class 11 , Multiple choice questions and answers on frog biology

MCQs on frog

Q1. Which of the following is present in frog but absent in mammal?
A) Stratum germinativum
B) Malphigian layer
C) Mucous glands
D) Sebaceous glands
Answer: C

Q2. Venous system of frog differs from that of mammal in  the presence of
A) Hepatic portal system
B) Renal portal system
C) Three vena cava
D) Hepatic vein
Answer: B

Q3. Blood from back side of frog is collected by :
A) Iliac vein
B) Dorsolumbar vein
C) Femoral vein
D) Sciatic Vein
Answer: B

Q4. Portal system carries blood
A) To capillaries
B) From capillaries
C) From capillaries to capillaries
D) From liver to intestine
Answer: C

Q5. The tadpole of frog feeds upon
A) Insects
B) Aquatic plants
C) Floating organisms
D) Fishes
Answer: B 

Q6. In frog blood flows to right auricle from
A) Vena Cava
B) Sinus Venosus 
C) Pulmonary artery
D) All
Answer: B

Q7) Which is not involved in respiration of frog ?
A) Diaphragm
B) Lungs
C) Skin
D) Buccal cavity
Answer: A

Q8. How many teeth are found in the lower jaw of frog ?
A) No
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
Answer: A

Q9. Septo-maxillary bones are present in the skull of
A) Rabbit
B) Man
C) Rat
D) Frog
Answer: D

Q10. The blood cell in frog, which is found in maximum number and acts as scavenger is
A) Neutrophil
C) Eosinophil
D) Platelets
Answer: A 

Q11. In frog, Glottis is controlled by the muscle of
A) Vocal cords
B) Sternum
C) Arytenoid cartilage
D) Pectoral girdle
Answer: C

Q12. Male frog can croak louder than females because being
A) Vocal sacs
B) Stronger
C) Large in size
D) Large sound box
Answer: A

Q13. The colouration of frog and other amphibians is due to
A) Keratin
B) Algae upon skin
C) Chromatophores
D) Irridescence of skin
Answer: C

Q14. Stomach of frog does not have
A) Fundic part
B) Cardiac part
C) Pyloric part
D) All of these
Answer: A 

Q15. Contraction of sternohyal muscles during breathing in frog
A) Closes Glottis
B) Open the nostril
C) Raises the floor of oral cavity
D) Lower the floor of oral cavity
Answer: D

Q16. Chordae tendinae in heart of frog is found in the wall of
A) Ventricle
B) Left auricle
C) Right auricle
D) Sinus Venosus
Answer: A

Q17. Spiral valve is present in
A) Sinus venosus of frog’s heart
B) Right auricle of rabbit heart
C) Pylangium of conus arteriousus of frog heart
D) Synangium of the conus arteriosus of the frog heart
Answer: C

Q18.  Chief nitrogenous waste product present in the urine of frog is
A) Urea
B) Uric acid
C) Allantoin
D) Ammonia
Answer: A

Q19. Astragalus and calcaneum are found in
A) Fore limb of frog
B) Hind limb of frog
C) Wing of bird
D) Skull of rabbit
Answer: B

Q20. Harderian glands are found in
A) Rabbit
B) Frog
C) Man
D) Earthworm
Answer: B

FAQS on Frog

A) The surface of tongue attachment in frog is


B) Vasa efferentia in frog’s testis open into the

Bidder’s canal

C) Rectum in frog opens into


D) Bidder’s canal of frog is present in


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