Earthworm MCQ for Entrance Exam

Earthworm MCQ for Entrance Exam, Mostly asked MCQ on earthworm for entrance examination, class 11 MCQ questions and answers on earthworm,

Questions and Answers of Earthworm

Q1. Nephrostomes are absent in:
A) Integumentary nephridia
B) Septal nephridia
C)  Pharyngeal nephridia
D) Both a and b
Answer: D

Q2. Which of the following is exo-nephric nephridia in earth worm?
A) Septal
B) Pharyngeal
C) Integumentary
D) Protonephridia
Answer: C

Q3. Sub pharyngeal nerves in earth worm are :
A) One pair
B) Two pair
C) Three pair
D) Four pair
Answer: C

Q4. Nephridia are found in Pheretima posthuma in:
A) 1st , 2nd and last segments
B) Only the 1st, 2nd or 3rd segments
C)  The 1st and last segments only
D) The 14th, 15th, and 16th segments
Answer: B

Q5. In earth worm septa are absent in segments:
A) 8-12
B) 17-21
C) 1 – 4
D) 14 – 26
Answer: C

Q6. Number of heart in earth worm is :
A) 1 pair
B) 2 pairs
C) 3 pairs
D) 4 pairs
Answer: D

Q7. Dorsal pores in earthworm are meant for passage of :
A) Coelomic fluid
B ) Blood
C) Waste material
D) Gametes
Answer: A

Q8. The function of clitellum in Pheretima is :
A) Cocoon formation
B) Fertilization
C) Nutrition
D) Copulation
Answer: A

Q9. What is common in man and earthworm ?
A) Ammonotelic
B) Uricotelic
C) Ureotelic
D) Nephrotelic
Answer: C

Q10. The female genital aperture in earthworm is present ventrally in the segment:
A) 18th
B) 14th
C) 12th
D) 10th
Answer: B

Q11. Seminal vesicles in earthworm are present along the segments:
A) 9-10
B) 10-11
C) 11-12
D) 12-13
Answer: C

Q12. Gizzard in an earth worm serves for:
A) Crushing food
B ) Excretion
C) Secreting slime
D) Absorbing digested food
Answer: A

Q13. Chromophil cells in earthworm are concerned with the secretion of :
A) Amylase
B) Protease
C) Lipase
D) Cocoon
Answer: B

Q14. Setae in earthworm is absent in
A) First, last and clitellar region
B) Second segment
C) Ninth segment
D) Clitellar region only
Answer: A

Q15. Earthworm is kept in 40% KOH for long time . The structure left intact is
A) Setae
B) Sand particles
C) Spermathecae
D) Circular muscles
Answer: A

Q16. Porphyrin of earthworm is found in
A) Cuticle
B) Epidermis
C) Circular muscles
D) Longitudinal muscles
Answer: C

Q17. Chloragogen cells of earthworm are analogous to vertebrate
A) Lungs
B) Liver
C) Gut
D) Kidney
Answer: B

Q18. The calciferous glands in earthworm are found in
A) Buccal chamber
B) Gizzard
C) Stomach
D) Intestine
Answer: C

Q19. The oviducts of earthworm penetrate the septum
A) 10/11
B) 12/13
C) 13/14
D) 14/15
Answer: C

Q20. Spermathecae in earthworm represents
A) Male reproductive organ
B) Female reproductive organ
C)  Male reproductive organ
D) Female reproductive organ
Answer: B

FAQS On Earthworm

Last segment of earthworm is called


Origin of nephridia in earthworm is


Terminal ducts of septal nephridia of earthworm open in

Paired septal excretory canal

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