Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Malaria pdf

MCQ on Plasmodium,malaria mcq questions with answers,malaria quiz questions and answers , multiple choice questions on plasmodium Q1. Schizont stage of Plasmodium is found inA) Erythrocyst  of liver and pancreasB) Erythrocyte of blood and liverC) Erythrocyte of liver and brainD) Erythrocyte of Liver and kidneyAnswer: B Q2. Which substance of Plasmodium cause fever and chills?A) … Read more

Animal Adaptation MCQ Class 11 with Answers

Animal adaptation mcq class 11 with answers,adaptation multiple choice questions, animal adaptation questions and answers, MCQ on Animal Adaptation Q1. The presence of beak is the characteristics of :A) fossorialB) volantC) cursorialD) arborealAnswer:  B  Q2. Animals capable for digging areA) arborealB) cursorialC) fossorialD) pelagic Answer: C Q3. What do you understand by scanssorial adaptation?A) burrowingB) swimmingC) … Read more

Frog MCQ for entrance exam

Frog MCQ for entrance exam, important multiple choice questions of frog , frog questions and answers, frog questions and answers class 11 , Multiple choice questions and answers on frog biology MCQs on frog Q1. Which of the following is present in frog but absent in mammal?A) Stratum germinativumB) Malphigian layerC) Mucous glandsD) Sebaceous glandsAnswer: … Read more

Earthworm MCQ for Entrance Exam

Earthworm MCQ for Entrance Exam, Mostly asked MCQ on earthworm for entrance examination, class 11 MCQ questions and answers on earthworm, Questions and Answers of Earthworm Q1. Nephrostomes are absent in:A) Integumentary nephridiaB) Septal nephridiaC)  Pharyngeal nephridiaD) Both a and bAnswer: D Q2. Which of the following is exo-nephric nephridia in earth worm?A) SeptalB) PharyngealC) … Read more