About Us

Why abouts Nepal?

Abouts Nepal is made for helping people to know more about Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful country and the people here are with kind heart. Those who have visited Nepal can only know how beautiful the country is . So , we have made this website to let them know about Nepal more deeply .

Can this website help foreigners?

Yes, of course this website can help a lot to the foreigners. Here , we write about everything related to Nepal. We write about the places where Tourist can visit and enjoy the nature. We write about Nepalese culture and norms . We write about people of Nepal. This will help a lot to foreigners during their visit.

More about Abouts Nepal?

This website is made to provide basic information related to Nepal. The visitors may have to cross verify the information mentioned here. This website provides you some amount of help for your easiness.

So let’s have information before going to any place !